Greetings Everyone!

Welcome back to school! We are excited for a new year and were happy to meet your children today.

Students received the following:

  • A new homework folder and assignment notebook to bring home each evening. 
  • The homework folder contains forms to be filled out and returned for next Tuesday. 
  • The Blue Emergency Form should be filled out and attached to the inside back page cover of the assignment notebook. 
  • By tomorrow all students will have a 5 page S.O.S. Start of Class Routines for Super Organized Students packet which will be kept in their binder or inside their homework folder for future reference.  
  • Here is an electronic version of the The Get To Know Your Child Form if you would like to type it. Get To Know You Form

Here is my 2-minute Back To School Video entitled "Can't Stop The Teaching!"

Please ask your child to take you on a tour on my classroom blog to discover my math lessons for the school year, scanned assignments for term 1, posted homework, after school extra help schedule, and much more.

That's it for now! There will be more news to follow!


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