This week in Math students solved 3 of the 9 problems from the Monthly Tic Tac Challenge. Each student will attempt to solve each problem and submit for credit on 9/30. Students also solved a sample Problem of the Week. Students will receive 2 per month. I will read it with them on Monday and it will be due on Friday. Students are encouraged to begin solving on Monday night to see if they have any questions early in the week rather than starting the assignment Thursday night. Students also participated in some fun math fact challenge games. On Friday we read Sir Cumference: All the King's Tens as a motivator for our upcoming topic unit Place Value beginning this Monday. Students know I have tons of Enrichment activities for early finishers and fun at home.

This week in Science students learned how to distinguish between types of observations both quantitative and qualitative, opinions, and inferences. Many examples were shared in class along with students 10-minute accounts from home. We also began a lab for creating fossil impressions in Play-Doh of various items like golf balls, plastic coins, legos, cast figures, etc. Students are making observations and inferences about these objects. The Science in a Bag assignment was collected on Friday with some very interesting species. I am particularly curious about the sliced tomato.

All questions are good ones as we slide into our full curriculum schedule. Please spend up to 20 minutes per night and no more on daily math assignments. Math homework is practice! I am happy to check in early morning to further assist student understanding.  Daily Homework has been posted as a backup for all subjects on my Left-Hand Side Tab Link.

I took pictures from Miss Corrigan's class this week. I will get my homeroom next week.

Right now I am one happy teacher as I am slowly building a rapport with each student. The best is yet to be!


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