This week in Math students practiced discovering the product of decimals by modeling base ten grids. Students also counted quantities of coins including powers of ten values. Skills practiced during Zone Time included multiplication and division of whole numbers. The December Tic Tac Challenge is due on Wednesday. I will solve the average class score problem with the class on Monday. Students also learned how to solve a Japanese Logic Puzzle. These and other puzzles can be found at: www.conceptispuzzles.com

This week in Science students participated in 2 labs. The first lab involved comparing the site of a pencil in an empty cup, a 3/4 filled cup of water, and 3/4 filled cup of oil to discover refraction. This is the appearance of bending light in which the pencil looks broken in water in addition to much thicker in oil. Students also used flashlights to test various objects for being transparent - allows light through, translucent - allows some light through, and opaque - absorbs all light/blocks all light from passing through. Students then began a Light Circle Book with descriptions of given subheadings like: Light travels in a straight line until it strikes an object.

I have also followed up with students regarding missed work for Term 2 to help keep everyone on track.

After school extra help is available Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday.


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