This week in Math students practiced dividing decimals by decimals. Students practiced estimating values to calculate the location of the decimal point. A quiz was given on dividing decimals by whole numbers. The Ch. 3 Problem of the Week was given with a focus on reviewing adding and subtracting decimals. The "Create Your Own Birthday Bash" Project was assigned with a due date on Wednesday, February 9th. There will be a couple checkpoints to help break down the work into smaller fragments.

This week in Science students were introduced to the Moon Phases along with numerous facts. Students are tracking the daily phases on a monthly moon calendar. I showed students apps called moon globe which labels all landforms with information on each, skyview which shows constellations and planets, astro, spacecraft 3D which shows satellites and machines in space, science house, and video science. Students then read an introduction to the solar system and summarized each topic heading to open a discussion.

Here is the culminating activity for our light energy unit focused on electricity. These are 5 second videos. Enjoy!

Action Movie 1

Action Movie 2

Rte 4 the Pats!


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