This week in Math students took a quiz on the division of decimals. Next, they were introduced to fractions in a variety of ways. Students had to fold a square into fractions represented as non-congruent shapes of squares and triangles. Students had to identify fractions looking at shapes and use geometric shapes to identify values like what is the value of a triangle covering a trapezoid, rhombus, or hexagon. We then calculated equivalent fractions by multiplying each fraction by fractions equal to 1 whole like 1/2 is equal to 3/6. Finally, we found the value of different shapes within a square and a circle. By the way students received new math workbooks. You may recycle the first volume or keep it to practice.

This week in Science students were introduced to constellations and created their own based on 12 zodiac signs. Students learned how constellations created a map in the sky well before the use of the Internet. Astronomers could share the comparison of distances between the sun and other faraway stars. We also summarized last week's introduction to the Solar System with a visit to the Terrestrial Planets and Gas Giants. We talked about dwarf planets, moons, comets, and the sun.
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